Attendee links for each day purchased will be provided prior to the start of each conference date. 

Conference Registration will close prior to each conference date on:

  • Thursday, September 16th, 2021  (Full Conference Registration is only available until the September 16th deadline.)
    • Registration will re-open September 20th for registration for the October and November events.
  • Thursday, October 7th, 2021
    • Registration will re-open October 11th for registration for the November event.
  • Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Anyone who wishes to register for the conference past the close date, please contact the NADTA office [email protected].

Conference Fee Schedule

Description of 

Registration Category

Full Conference

Includes everything associated with the conference: all access to conference events and all CEs earned for conference events on these days. *only available before Sept. registration deadline*

Single Day

Includes access to a single day of the conference, including all CEs for that single day. (If you would like to access the free events on other days, please also register for the Free Conference Events option.)

Performance Only
(price per performance, includes CEs for that single performance.)

Free Conference Events

(Includes access to all events labeled on the schedule as "All-Conference Events", as well as all of the events between conference weekends. Does NOT include CEs for these events - must register for a paid tier to receive CEs.)

NADTA Member 65+ or Student Member




FREE; must register for this tier in order to receive the links for these events. NOTE: Does NOT include CEs for these events. You must register for a paid tier in order to receive ANY CEs.



NADTA Member








** Presenters/Volunteers: the NADTA office will be sending emails with your specialty discount code. Please refrain from registering until you receive it so you can take advantage of your savings**